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Saturday, February 29, 2020


Payoneer Account Common Problems with Tips

My Payoneer account was opened on the 21st. At that time I asked for an ID card and bank information. But then I had none because the account was like that. Now last month I log in to my Pioneer account to give Fidthrough to Fiber and the account is closed. Then I spoke to […]

What is meant by Views and Clicks In Fiverr

When you visit My Gigs on Fiverr, you will see some of the analytics data of your gigs, including Impressions, Clicks, Views, Orders, Cancellations. These data are very important for a gig. These data are basically your gig data in the last 3 days, they are updated regularly. Impressions: An impression is the number of […]


Hard work, not smart work with android app

Hard work, not smart work 1 If hard work had come to fruition, then rickshaw walla, day laborers would have been the billionaire of the country. Most freelancers are more focused on hard work They are legally 1 Many people spend up to 5 years just hoping to get work If you get a job […]

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How to Success in freelancing a freelancer Success story

By the grace of Allah, I have become a Level2 seller today. That is why the action of God is great. I was completing all the requirements on the 5th of last month. 6 months of hard work and the result of the level 2 seller. Last month everyone wanted to know my freelancing life. […]

Freelancer Story

Do you know that life is compared to time?

By that time, you are moving a little closer to your passions, your dreams. But that way, your friends, your relatives come and bother you. They have to work. But the payment? They can’t afford it. “Why come to you if you can give?” Think of it as you and them. That’s your biggest mistake. […]