What is meant by Views and Clicks In Fiverr

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When you visit My Gigs on Fiverr, you will see some of the analytics data of your gigs, including Impressions, Clicks, Views, Orders, Cancellations. These data are very important for a gig. These data are basically your gig data in the last 3 days, they are updated regularly.

An impression is the number of times your gig showed up in search results when someone searched for a gig in Fiverr. The number shown here is the number of times your gig has been shown in search results in the last 3 days. If your gig impression is high, then you may find that your gig is being shown more frequently in search results. Naturally, if your gig is first on the search result for a good keyword then the gig’s Impressions will be higher. If your gig is featured or featured on the category homepage, they will also be counted as Impressions.

How many people are clicking on that result after seeing your gig in search results? Clicking on a gig at a beer means that he or she is interested in buying your gig. So clicks are very important. The higher the click, the more likely you are to have a gig sale. I get asked sometimes by many, many of the gig impressions, but no clicks, what to do. This means that after seeing your gig in search results, Bayer is no longer clicking, because you are not interested in clicking on the title and portfolio image of your gig. In this case, you change the title and portfolio image of your gig, you can get ideas from those who have your gig related gig but never copy.

A gig contains many pages, such as Overview, Compare Packages, Descriptions, Reviews. It is only natural to see these pages before buying a Bayer gig. Views are how many pages a gig saw after a click on your gig. Here’s how many pages of your gig page clients have seen in the last 7 days.

Here’s how many sales your gig has received in the last 3 days. Gig Impressions, Clicks and Views The higher the probability of being a gig cell.

Sometimes your order can be canceled for various reasons. Here is the percentage of orders that your gig has received in the last 7 days. The fewer Cancellations your gig gets, the better.

Here I have tried to give a rough idea about Impressions, Clicks, Views, Order, and Cancellations.

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