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By the grace of Allah, I have become a Level2 seller today. That is why the action of God is great. I was completing all the requirements on the 5th of last month. 6 months of hard work and the result of the level 2 seller. Last month everyone wanted to know my freelancing life. Today I will tell you a few things. I will not forgive you for the mistakes of writing. After completing HSC EXAM, I started a class for admission er.


I gave the exam to some university. But the last address is govt. College. In fact, if you do not push back on the wall, you do not understand anything. There were very few honors in the 1st year e just giving the exam. He seemed very guilty to himself. I thought I had to do something this time. I told my father to buy a computer. Baba never said that when I needed it, I could not give everything. Doing a stubborn job inside yourself has to do something. Admission is computer space and khustia computer space.


If you start doing this well then a good teacher is needed and I got it. Every day I worked 14hours + for work. I also quit playing football as my favorite. I live in Kushtia town 1hours lage from this place but 4 months I did not go to the village because all the community I spent to learn. Lots of things to hear but I didn’t mind. I knew my day would come too. Without hard work, I would not succeed. I worked hard to find success today. But because of which I am today LEVEL 2 SELLER TAR MA, BABA. ARMAN VAI. KHUSHI APU. JONY VAI. Thanks, everyone always helps me I think success is not my problem. Those who are new to their brother love the work and the equal day work. You can too

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